For those of you heading to West Palm with us next weekend and aren't sure where we're going... here's the directions...

1.  Get to I-95.  If you're coming from the Disney area, you may want to consider the Turnpike.  You can take it all the way into Palm Beach or get off at Fort Pierce (State Road 70, and save a couple of bucks) and then ziggy over to 95 South.
2.  Take 95 to Blue Heron Road.. head East (Blue Heron is the exit right after Northlake... [in the middle of the below map]).

After you get off on Blue Heron, drive for a while...(I'm not sure of the exact mileage, but it should only be 10-15 minutes.

You will go through intersections for A1A and US1.

Shortly after you cross US1, you'll hit Broadway (left side of the below map).  [There's a Walgreens on the right hand corner.]  Go on throuh the intersection and head for the big bridge you can see in front of you.  (Look to your right after a block and a piece and you'll Force-E. You'll have time to browser there on Saturday while we fill tanks.

Turn right on Lake Drive which is the first street and  light after the bridge (don't count the cross walk light as a light).

Follow Lake Drive around to Inlet Way.  You'll go through a 3-way stop, an almost 90-degree left curve, and another stop.


At the end of Inlet Way, you'll hit S Ocean.  Look to your right--->

You're here.  Turn right, find a parking spot.  Find us.  Have fun.