Class sessions are held in the Sebastian Room on MGM Studios Back Lot. 

John and Jack will take turns filling your heads with "bunches" of information... 

...all of which you'll need for the test...and all of which will make you a better diver. 

The first pool session, we'll evaluate your swimming skills (1/4 mile swim, 60 foot underwater swim, and 5 minutes of treading water). Plus, we'll teach you a couple of things you may not know.
Next we show you how to kick with your fins and several way to properly purge a snorkel among other things.

In our Scuba Sessions, you learn how to setup your gear... to remain calm when you lose your mask...

...and how to get better aquainted with your new equipment.
And then the BIG day arrives...check out dives... open water.... no more pool sides... fish, turtles. We all meet up at the Cross-Roads Mickey-Ds at 6:00 AM (yes, as in the EARLY morning) and convoy to Avon Park (about an hour and a piece down US27).
We regroup at the Avon Park BK for one last pit stop then head out to the lake.
If we're lucky, we're the first one's to the lake. This gives us the "choice" spots on the "beach" and a place to park.

Mask Clearing...

...Buddy Breathing....

...Back to the top and we are all divers!
And after all your hard work...

The Dearing Family

Junior "trying" to help Jack figure out how to use the rope.

Karen mugging for the camera.

The Lisas - Both Good and Evil

Even underwater, people are people... you see a camera... you wave!